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Do you own a business in Southern Massachusetts? Protect your office space, employees, and business’ assets with commercial business insurance. Our insurance coverage plans protect you against loss or damage from injuries, accidents, liability cases, and other unexpected risks. Don’t let something unexpected cause a setback in your business! Our agency can find business insurance coverage that will protect your assets at an amount you can afford. Want to know more about commercial and employment insurance we offer in the Dartmouth, MA area? Call today.
Business Insurance Coverage Options
Our insurance agency works with business owners from all industries and can help you find the right type of coverage for your specific needs. Whether you have an office building that needs coverage, special equipment that is expensive to repair, or even liability insurance for employees – we have commercial business and employment insurance coverage options that work in any scenario.
General Liability Insurance in Massachusetts
Protect your business from claims of property damage, bodily injury, or personal injury that could put your business and its assets at risk. Having a General Liability Insurance policy ensures that you are covered for these expensive and unanticipated damages.
What is General Liability Insurance?
General Liability Insurance protects you from claims of bodily injury or property damage, hurting another commercial business’ reputation, errors in advertising, medical treatment costs, and other unexpected damages that may arise while running your business.
Who needs General Liability Insurance?
If you have customers or clients in your store or office who could potentially slip and fall or injure themselves on your premises, you may be subject to a lawsuit or have to help pay their medical bills. General liability insurance covers you for these unforeseen situations. If you are renting office or retail space you could be liable for any unexpected damage to the property from things like fire, lightning, or water damage. Our policies ensure that you are protected against such claims.
Workers Compensation
Workers compensation is a large business expense. We can help you reduce your cost and manage your workers compensation insurance program.
Who is working on your behalf to reduce your workers comp costs?
It is our mission to reduce your workers compensation costs with a system we have developed over the last 20 years. Our system has helped countless businesses, let yours be the next!
Workers Compensation

We go through a process we have developed to analyze your business and get you the best workers compensation quote on the market. Our business insurance agency works with the nation’s top insurers to bring you a competitive workers compensation rate. We can also set you up on a workers compensation plan where you pay-as-you-go. Every time you run payroll, your workers compensation is automatically calculated for you, and premiums can even be automatically drafted from your account, similar to how payroll taxes are drafted.


We offer employment and commercial business insurance for clients in Dartmouth, New Bedford, Fall River, Marion, Mattapoisett, and the surrounding areas.

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